How do we bring this about?

Jan 11th, 2010 | By Administrator | Category: Work

Announcing the Gospel in places where the people have not yet heard of Christ, acting as witnesses of his love, and promoting a fully integrated evangelization:

  • Assuming pastoral tasks in dioceses with material or vocational needs, in response to requests from each local bishop.
  • Taking charge of development projects. Our priority is to better people’s quality of life, and this requires an integrated understanding of health, which includes a wide range of actions:
  1. Nutritional programs. Every person has a right to adequate nutrition, not only to survive but as a means to develop their full potential.
  2. Programs of preventive and curative medicine, to better the quality of life of individuals and communities.
  3. Development of water and agricultural resources, as well as workshops, cooperatives and women’s groups with the aim of providing the necessary knowledge so that the different groups of people can assume full responsibility for their own development.
  4. Promotion of an integral education for every person, with the hope that some will dedicate their lives to the service of others.
  • Making use of various media to spread the Gospel values.
  • Maintaining a permanent presence wherever the local bishops have called us to share our lives with the people, since the evangelization process requires full, long term dedication.

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