How do we live our spirituality?

Jan 11th, 2010 | By Administrator | Category: How

Following the footsteps of Christ the Good Shepherd, who calls people to follow him, we specify three dimensions in which we live this spirituality:

  • Calling others, in Christ’s name, to leave everything, and in turn, become shepherds themselves, giving their lives for others in the same way that Jesus called specific men and women to follow him, to learn from him and whom he sent as his apostles.
  • Constituting an apostolic family with people from different backgrounds and cultures, in the image of the large group of Jesus’ followers described in the Scriptures.
  • Sharing in people’s sufferings and searching for specific ways of alleviating it, as Christ was moved with pity when faced with the multitudes “because they were like sheep without a shepherd” (Mark 6:34).

This spirituality is based on daily prayer:

  • Personal, in peace and silence.
  • Communal, around the Eucharist.
  • Living life in the midst of the world, experiencing the dynamism of the Spirit.

We have chosen St Paul the Apostle as a role model, because of his example as a tireless missionary, itinerant founder of the communities, creator of bonds of unity between communities from different parts of the world, begetter of vacations and shepherd capable of always bearing in mind and heart all those he had called in the name of Christ.

We entrust ourselves to Mary, Mother of the Church, constituted as such at the foot of the cross, model of fidelity and unconditional love.

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